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Coves & Co. – Lawyers and Mediators specialize in a broad range of law with a speciality in commercial and family disputes, business advice, debt recovery, wills & estates, litigation and advocacy, alternative dispute resolution, criminal and traffic matters. Unlike others, before you decide whether you need our services, we are always happy to discuss your issues. We can give you a realistic initial appraisal of your position and possible options available... all at no cost to you.
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Cleveland, South East Qld is our base, but we also service the Redlands, Wynnum, Brisbane, Regional Qld, Northern NSW, Sydney or beyond.

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In business, it's not always smooth sailing. Disputes and legal issues arise. The quicker that issues can be resolved, the better for you and your business. We act for individuals, families and companies. Coves & Co. has extensive experience in a broad range of commercial, family and business-related matters and disputes. In particular, we can assist you in legal matters, negotiations and disputes involving:
  • Corporate
  • Contracts
  • Building and construction
  • Property
  • Agriculture and mining
  • Banking and finance
  • Elder Law - Guardianship
  • Insolvency
  • Partnerships and joint ventures
  • Trusts
  • Employment
  • Leasing and franchising
  • Debt recovery
  • Intellectual property
We have a depth of experience assisting clients with legal issues and disputes regarding wills and deceased estates. We can assist you if you are:
  • wanting to contest the contents of a will;
  • the executor of a contested will;
  • wanting to contest the validity of a will;
  • wanting to protect your inheritance.
Through our experience, we understand the complexity of family relationships and appreciate that disputes following the death of a family member are very emotional for all involved. That is why we seek to achieve the early resolution of disputes out of court (where possible) to reduce the stress and cost to your family.
Our services include a free, no obligation initial consultation and in many cases, deferred and no win - no fee payment arrangements.
As a specialist litigation and advice firm, we are pleased to take your litigation referrals and conflict litigation matters.
We understand that for many legal practitioners and firms, dispute related work and litigation takes up a disproportionate amount of your time and resources. Sometimes conflicts arise, preventing your firm from acting.

So, for whatever reason, save time, stress and costs by referring your client's dispute related queries or litigation to us.

Let Coves & Co. run the dispute process for your client.

We undertake litigation in most commercial jurisdictions, and offer a "safe pair of hands" to allow both you and your client to concentrate on your core commercial and legal business.
Need a litigation and dispute resolution specialist, litigation project management or an extra pair of hands to support your client's or your firm's litigation needs?

We specialize in litigation and dispute management and can consult to your legal practice on a one-off basis or on a more permanent footing.

Paul Coves, the principal of Coves & Co. – Lawyers and Mediators has a broad range of legal experience from large CBD firms at a partnership level to suburban and rural practices. He has been involved in an extensive range of legal disputes and appeals in the majority of state and federal jurisdictions; from corporate class actions to disputes between neighbours.

We currently consult to legal firms in the Brisbane CBD, the Brisbane bayside and the Redlands and would be pleased to discuss how we may assist you.
Need some help with a criminal charge, domestic violence application or a traffic law matter? We can help.

We are based in the Redlands at Cleveland, South East Brisbane bayside and appear for clients in the Wynnum, Cleveland, Holland Park and Brisbane courts for criminal, traffic and domestic violence matters.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence and you need representation, we can assist you and protect your rights at any stage of the criminal process from police station interview, through to defending all manner of criminal charges at hearings in the magistrates or superior courts.

If you have been charged with a traffic offence, our experience can assist you to obtain favourable outcomes in the following matters: demerit point and other licence suspensions; unlicensed driving; disqualified driving; drink or drug driving; dangerous driving; restricted (work) licence applications; special hardship order applications; renewal of driver licence applications; and other traffic matters.

We regularly appear for clients in fixed fee pleas and sentencing for criminal and traffic matters.

We offer very competitive set fees for many matters, so you can be confident that the costs won't escalate out of your control. Ask us about our fixed fee arrangements.

If you are a legal firm or practitioner and require fixed fee agency appearances in the Cleveland or Wynnum Magistrates Courts we are able to help.

Need some help with a criminal, traffic, domestic violence or agency matter?
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We realize that there are many ways to resolve disputes. Courts are sometimes necessary, but in many instances, early and favourable settlements are reached through negotiation or mediation.

In addition to our court related expertise, we offer highly experienced commercial and family dispute related negotiation and mediation services.

Paul Coves is a skilled negotiator. He is also a nationally accredited mediator and registered family dispute resolution practitioner. He runs a successful practice in mediation. These skills put us in a great position to assist you to successfully resolve disputes in the most cost and time effective manner. Whether through litigation, negotiation, or representing you and your interests in a mediation, we are able to provide you with specialist services in dispute related care.